Web Applications

          Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates and automates all management information and makes it available throughout the organization to achieve the following goals:

  • Automation of majority of processes
  • Consistency of data over entire organization
  • Visibility of available resources to all stakeholders
  • Tracking of processes
  • Enabling timely decisions
  • Consolidation of applications across the organization
  • Standardization in terms of product naming, coding, formats etc
  • Efficient handling of data
  • Improved security of sensitive data

Net IT Matrix provides a solid platform for development of ERP for small to large enterprises. Partners can opt either for Oracle or MySql databases to be deployed depending on their preference.

          Online Admission System

Net IT Matrix has developed a fully automated Online Admission System for Universities, Colleges and Schools which can be customized to fulfill specific requirements of the institution. The system encompasses all steps involved in the admission process including:

  • Online fill up of applications
  • Auto response for application receipt confirmation
  • Payment of requisite fees (credit card option can be made available)
  • Automated checking of Entrance Test answer sheets (if applicable)
  • Generation of merit list
  • Final selection of candidates

Email notifications are automatically sent to the applicants by the system whenever required. Some of the advantages of the system are:

  • Expansion of the admission process globally
  • Automation of the complete process
  • Adding transparency to the process due to no human intervention in merit generation and final selection
  • Visibility to the applicants at every stage
  • No running from post to pillar for the candidates
  • Convenient handling of the whole process for the institution officials

          Office Automation Systems

In modern times, automation of office functions is an important factor in achieving desired output. It improves efficiency and coordination between different departments which may or may not be distant apart physically and connected through WAN, ensures integrity of information across the organization and results in cost reductions. The basic functions of an office covered by these systems include filing, external mail tracking, desktop publishing and communications including letters, mail and fax. Office Automation integrates these functions in such a way that these are not required to be carried out on a variety of equipment. Net IT Matrix offers a wide range of Office Automation Systems suitable for small offices to large enterprises. It includes:

  • Electronic Mail System. All internal mail is handled by this system. It has the capability to track a mail, time stamp a mail as and when read by recipients, save drafts for later editing, maintain contact lists, manage mail groups, maintain calendar events, set reminders and so on.
  • Electronic File / Mail Tracking System. It functions as the diary management carried out manually. Despite wide spread automation, there may be a requirement of initiating a file for internal approvals or processing of a letter / file received from external organization. Also tracking of an external letter is done while it is processed and finally disposed of.
  • Employees Information System. This system provides information regarding all employees depending upon the partner's requirement and may include personal bio-data, designation, contact numbers, office location on building map etc. It can be integrated with building Access Control System for information on present location.
  • Bulletin Board System. It provides a common place on the network to display important announcements by the management as well as individuals.

          Inventory Management / Control System

Net IT Matrix offers a highly customizable Inventory Management / Control System (IMCS). The system may offer basic management of the stock to the complicated inventory control system where each and every item is individually tracked and monitored till its disposal.

          Sale Point System

We have developed a complete software solution for multiple types of businesses. It is an easy to use software both for retail and wholesale businesses. The main features include:

  • 3-level discount system
  • Comprehensive business reports
  • Unique search options
  • Generate professional invoices and reports
  • Manage customer's discount instantly
  • Management panels for customers and suppliers
  • Statistical reports

          Library Management System

The Library Management System (LiMS) offered by Net IT Matrix is very comprehensive and utilizes latest technologies for implementation. We not only provide the software but also provide services for installation of hardware required for implementation of the system.

          Learning Management System

It is based on the concept of "Learning Beyond Boundaries" meaning that in addition to classroom lectures, students remain in touch with their teachers all the time through internet. It is web based in which teachers can upload lectures, assignments and other reading material for the students to download and study at their convenience. Students can submit their assignment online and the results can be uploaded for access from anywhere. This is a great tool which adds significant value to the learning process.