Power Division

Telecom Power Solutions provided by Net IT Matrix offer the most compact and cost-effective power system design. Combining a unique blend of advanced features, high reliability and greater efficiency; the offered systems provide significant operational and capital savings. Different options are available to provide an ideal solution for most telecommunications and utility applications. The offered solutions include:

  • Rectifiers
  • Inverters
  • DC - DC Converters


The rectifiers available can operate separately as well as a part of a DC system. These are switch-mode current rectifiers with compact dimensions, a height of 1U, and with exceptionally high power density coefficient per unit volume. Easy operation, suitability for fast scheduled maintenance and excellent maintainability in combination with high reliability are a guarantee for saving cost, resources and extremely valuable time. Like all our products, the rectifiers have a highly reliable fail-safe structure and are constructed based on multiple fault-tolerant solutions. A wide range of products is available from 12Vdc to 48Vdc with power handling capacity from 250W to 12 Kw.


These are modular inverter systems, which ensure an uninterruptible power supply for loads operating at sinusoidal 220 VAC, generated from direct current power sources. The systems have automatic and manual bypass as well as galvanic isolation between output and battery. The presence of galvanic isolation guarantees the highest protection level for the load from external impacts. It has a highly reliable modular structure, thus providing more redundancy. Total failure of the whole system is virtually impossible. The product range includes standalone inverter of 2000W capacity as well as modular inverter with N+1 redundancy and hot-swappable modules expandable to 18 KVA capacity.

DC - DC Converters

The modular, hot swappable DC-DC converters provided by Net IT Matrix are the ideal solution for providing dual voltage capability in new systems – or upgrades to existing DC plants for a variety of applications. We also provide standard DC-DC converter system solutions designed to maximize space and cost savings. The range of converters available include:

  • ±190Vdc to -48Vdc Converter
  • -48Vdc to ±190Vdc Converter
  • -48Vdc to ±137Vdc Converter
  • -48Vdc to 24Vdc Converter
  • 24Vdc to -48Vdc Converter