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Security & Surveillance Division

           Fog Security System

Fog security systems are a very important element to add to your alarm system to ensure safety for the property. Usually criminal acts are committed in a few minutes and police may not arrive in time. Only a security fog system is able to protect the first 15 minutes of a theft or robbery. These systems are extremely effective both during work hours when a robbery takes place at gun point OR a dacoity once premises are closed. Within seconds, the area is completely covered in fog and visibility goes to ZERO. These systems are highly recommended to be an essential part of the security systems for your premises because of the following reasons:

  • You cannot steal what you cannot see
  • The fluid used contains high percentage of Glycol which ensures a dense fog visibly impenetrable
  • Compatible with any professional alarm system
  • Certified in accordance with safety standards and absolutely harmless for humans, animals and objects
  • Simple to install and low power consumption
  • Fog systems provided by Net IT Matrix are the fastest fog generators in the world - up to 50m3 per second
  • These systems are operable even without mains power providing maximum protection
   Fog Security System Videos

           Perimeter Security Systems

We, at Net IT Matrix, are able to provide a comprehensive range of products which provide effective Vehicle or Personnel Access Control, including a full range of High Security Products plus Car Parking Control and Fee Collection - all of which are supported by a skilled Installation and Maintenance capability.

Net IT Matrix deals in products of AMC Security, UK for a wide range of Access Control and Security Applications depending upon the requirements of the client, from General Purpose applications through to High Security installations:

  • Car Parking
  • Personnel Access Control
  • Vehicle Lane Control in Cities
  • Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Banking
  • Airports and Ports
  • Military
  • Police Forces

Net IT Matrix sales representatives are available to discuss suitable solutions with potential clients. Whether the need is for a discreet but effective system or a high visibility deterrent system, our staff is available to discuss the options in great detail so that both, specifications and budget requirements, are met.

Support and Maintenance - All Net IT Matrix products are supported by an experienced installation, maintenance and repair capability.

"ULTIMATE" Anti-Climb Spinner

Proven as one of the most effective deterrents against unwanted intrusion, Ultimate Anit-Climb Spinner is manufactured from heavy duty steel sections with rigid spikes that will resist collapsing under pressure. It provides a physical barrier that will visually deter any would be intruder advising that attempting to scale would not be worth the obvious risk.

The unique configuration provides 7 individually rotating elements giving a formidable 140 sharp points to every metre. The rotating spikes will penetrate most protective coverings that may be used by intruders when attempting to gain entry. The central spindle is protected from attack by flared tubular steel ferrules that act as spacers between the sets of spikes, and rotate if cutting or sawing is attempted. A full range of bracket designs provide for ease of installation to brick walls, buildings or security fences. Finish is galvanized, or optionally, galvanized plus polyester resin coated finish in range of colours.

Intrusion Detection Barriers

  • Discreet, effective, reliable active infra red detection barriers for windows, doors, walls and perimeters.
  • Active infra red beams may be used in conjunction with most alarm or monitoring systems.
  • Alarm output may be programmed on interruption of one beam or several to reduce the number of false alarms generated by animals etc.
  • May be used to send an alarm, turn on lights, open gates direct cameras etc.
  • Slim and discreet housings (from 14mm x 17.5mm) may be fitted to small window reveals, whilst larger units are available for fitment to wall edges, or as standalone versions to monitor open areas and driveways.
  • 12V DC versions or lithium battery operated versions with a battery life of up to 2.5 years are offered for remote locations.
  • Barriers may be used in pairs or linked to form a protective boundary around high value assets or property.
  • Totally invisible beams, intruders will be unaware of their presence, whilst the devices do not detract from the visual appeal of the property protected.
  • WDS200 Light and Digital Lux barriers are disguised as lighting posts, complete with a globe light fixture (light is powered separately).
  • Detection ranges from 2m to 120m externally and 240m internally.
  • Models are available with a programmable response time to cater for areas with intermittent natural disturbance whilst detecting more sustained movements.